New York City Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Joins Bitcoin Salary Trend

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams is the latest mayor to declare that he intends to accept his pay in the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Adams wrote in a tweet posted on Thursday that “in New York, we always go big, so when I become mayor, I’ll take my first three paychecks as Bitcoin.”

Adams added, “NYC will be at the center of cryptocurrency and other fast-growing modern industries!” “Simply wait!”

Adams’ tweet was in response to a tweet by Miami Mayor Francis Suarez who also stated that he would accept his paycheck in Bitcoin. Anthony Pompliano, a cryptocurrency investor, tweeted recently: “It’s finally time.” Who will be the first American politician to accept bitcoin as payment?

Suarez replied to his tweet by writing “I will accept my next paycheck in 100% bitcoin…downside resolved!” He also tagged Mike Sarasti as Miami’s Innovation and Tech Director, asking for assistance.

Suarez also responded to Adams’ twitter, writing “Congratulations on your election and I stand up for our friendly competitors in making each of our cities a cryptocurrency capital!”

Adams also spoke about his interest in cryptocurrency during a recent interview with Bloomberg Radio. He stated that he wanted to bet a “pleasant competition” with Suarez regarding his cryptocurrency project, MiamiCoin.

Adams told Bloomberg Radio that “he has a MiamiCoin which is doing very well–we will look in the direction to maintain that.” He also said that he wanted to “look at what’s preventing the expansion of Bitcoins and cryptocurrency in our city.”

Adams said, “We won’t have a city where certain teams and regions are doing well.”

In a speech he gave at an election celebration in June, Adams promised to make New York City “the center of Bitcoins.”

He added, “We will be at the center of all knowledge.”

In February, Miami launched MiamiCoin and handed a Suarez decision that allows city employees to receive a portion or the entire of their pay in Bitcoin.

Suarez said after the decision was passed, “I would like to thank the Miami town commissioners for their support of my decision. It directs the town manager, after an evaluation, to find a vendor who can provide our employees with a portion of their salary in Bitcoin.”

In a September interview with the Washington Post, Suarez said that he wished to turn Miami into a “cryptocurrency innovations hub”.

Newsweek contacted Adams to get a second opinion.