Life Changes? When and How to Inform Your Health Insurer

Marriage, moving to a new home, and adopting children are all exciting occasions in your lifetime. You might not think about letting your health insurer know when these changes occur.

You must inform us about any exciting events or sudden changes so that we can ensure your protection and send you the necessary communications.

Modifications you must report

Change of Title

Notify us immediately if you change your name due to marriage or for any other reason. If your new title is not the same as the title listed on your insurance plan, you may not receive any claims.

Change of Tackle

Your coverage is directly linked to your address. We need to know as soon as possible so that we can update our billing, claims, and other communications.

Changes in email or phone number:

Digital communications are fast and easy. Clients expect companies to use it as part of their communication. You can get updates and packages by e-mail or telephone.

How to replace your information:

It’s easy to update your information. Here’s where you can update your information:

  • If you’re under 65 and have purchased your own insurance, please log into Blue Join to make any changes or call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card.
  • If you or your child has Pupil blue insurance (college students who have signed up for insurance at North Carolina public schools):
    Log in to Pupil Blue OR ship an e mail to e
  • If you have an employer-provided insurance plan, please contact your HR department for any updates.

If you have any questions about life changes or your normal insurance needs, don’t hesitate contacting us.