‘I Began a Multi-Million Greenback Crypto Video Recreation’

Video games were a big part of my childhood. I was incredibly fortunate to grow up playing with my friends online and they really did shape my childhood for many years.

My family was living in the lowest income bracket, just above being homeless. Mother had Crohn’s disease and other health issues, and she was a single mother with three children, living in public housing, and receiving government assistance. But I consider that battle is relative because we are blessed to reside in Australia. Others have it much tougher. When I was a child, I saw that my mom did a lot of work to make sure we didn’t understand just how tough things were.

In my early years, geography class in 11th grade was a very important level. Normally, I was a class clown. I got Cs, and maybe the odd B. However, I loved sports. Around grade 10 or 11, something changed. I needed to concentrate because I wanted to be a navy fighter pilot. I studied chemistry, geography and physics, as these were prerequisites to enter pilot training.

I asked if I could have her grade eleven paper to study. I decided to change the name of her paper and submit it. She received an A+, and I received a B-. Then, I thought I was a well-known person and that I would not be able to achieve academic success. I decided to go into a profession where I could create my own results, which was sales. This was a door-to-door sales job for promoting charity.

It is extremely difficult to try and get money from people for no reason. I used to walk 15km per day while working on a pay-only wage. We’d get out there at 8am, knock on doors till 6pm and if you didn’t sell anything, you had labored for nothing all day. I was 17 but I needed to keep knocking on doors and build psychological fortitude so that rejection didn’t really matter. This was a crucial experience for me, and has been the inspiration behind everything I have done since.

The next year I jumped into telesales, which was much easier. People just clung to you! I earned some money and then went into timeshare sales. It was the worst decision of my life. I didn’t sell a thing!

In that time, I was introduced to cryptocurrency by social media and friends and bought my first crypto coin. The popularity of cryptocurrencies and preliminary coin choices (ICOs) was exploding. I began to notice that my questions were not being answered for hours or days.

I saw an opportunity to start a cryptocurrency support company, so I took it. My company would accept ICO tokens instead of payment with the idea that the tokens will eventually be worth something. But startups fail and we often don’t get anything in return for our six-month work.

Ken Pham, Steve Ngyuen, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which I was introduced to in a roundabout way, were the first people that I met. Ken sent me a message via Discord, and I almost didn’t reply. Ken’s idea for a cryptocurrency game was a good one, so Steve, Ken and I got on the phone and started speculating about what we were building. Pegaxy was developed from April 2021 to October 2021.

Pegaxy is a game where you can either buy or rent a Pega to race online. Pega that place in the top three of each race will win cryptocurrency tokens. Our tokens, Pegaxy and Vigorous, are based on the Polygon Blockchain. You can only earn Vigorous by racing. And you can also sell that token for U.S. dollars on the cryptocurrency market.

Some people will own a lot of horses and then hire them to folks who’ll play for them. They will split the revenue. The horse owner is the one who decides how much they’ll earn. Some gamers breed Pega and others create guilds. They breed as many Pega and bring people into the guild. Then everyone earns together and shares the revenue. In a standard sport, you would win tokens in the game but that doesn’t really mean anything. This translates into actual “dollars”.

After achieving certain achievements in a traditional online game, people may want to purchase items or characters or sell their account. If someone wanted to buy my account, I would have to trust that they’d send me money and that I would give them an email address and password. This platform allows customers to use a trusted medium for exchange, where we don’t need to trust each other. I can sell items, someone will buy them, and I’ll receive cryptocurrency tokens. You don’t need anything else to start playing, except for a cryptocurrency pocket. All things can be affected by market changes. We’re still in a slump, but gamers aren’t losing interest. Even when the value of the coins is low, there will always be money coming in if the game is popular.

We take a three % charge on the market. Over the life of the game, we sold around $180,000,000 worth of peer-to-peer Pega. We have now made $5,400,000 but we must reinvest it into the game.

I pay myself AUD$3,000 a monthly because my reward is the fact that we now have a group allotment of Pegaxy stone tokens. These tokens can be rewarding if I build a solid recreation. I can’t be rich in four months. Even though we have 80 employees, the sport has barely been completed.

Although I have seen some success in my 25 years, I’ve also had a lot of failures. I think that’s the point. The rejection and failure are not visible to the public. But I know every minute of the struggle it took to be right here, being in the trenches, and making sacrifices. I have never drunk alcohol, and I don’t party. I have been with my “Mrs.” for nine years. I call her my wife even though we are not married. In our youth, we sacrificed a lot to reach this point.

She’s been in and out of the business but she is more creative and relaxed. She is a painter and pianist, so she doesn’t really like being in the trenches. She has been supportive, but it’s not easy to go from being broke to even more broke and then finally coming into money.

I don’t speak about money a lot with my mother. However, I see her regularly and she is happy when things are going well. She’s proud of her sons and is happy to have them.

I don’t know what will happen in the future, I just live it. It’s fun and you should be thankful. This is important because the businesses could go down. It’s just the way of life.

I don’t think I will ever stop building. I earned a lot of money in the first crypto development in 2018 and it’s a great deal. The easiest method to examine it is to ask yourself: How much are you prepared to travel and vacation without a purpose? This is not something you can do indefinitely. We have employees in the Philippines and Vietnam, so I would rather construct than go there. I live in the present. I have massive targets to make a lot of money, but the truth is that happiness is my first priority. I would rather build my life around something I love so that I could do it forever.