5 Easy Ways to Save on Prescription Medications

The latest CDC study revealed that 69 % U.S. adults aged between 40 and 79 had used a prescription drug within the last 30 days. And 22.4% used at least five prescribed drugs. The bills can add up quickly.

  1. Consider alternate options
    Do not hesitate to discuss with your doctor alternative options or choices that may be inexpensive. Your doctor may not always be interested in the costs. It can be a difficult conversation to have. It is better to talk to your doctor about alternatives than to stop taking the medication.
  2. Generic medications are available.
    Generic versions of many brand-name medications are available. This means that they all contain the same active ingredient, dosage and power. The U.S. also accepts them. The Food and Drug Administration also accepts them as being equal. Generics offer the same health benefits as their brand name counterparts and are often cheaper. Before making any changes, talk to your doctor to determine if you should use a generic. To find out if a generic version of the brand-name drug you are taking is cheaper, visit our Find a Drug Software and search for generic drugs or other prescription options by name.
  3. Purchase a 90-day supply
    Ask your doctor if you’re able to purchase a 90 day supply (at a retailer pharmacy in the extended provide community, or via mail). Walgreens Prime will deliver your prescription to you for free. Call AllianceRx Walgreens Prime to speak with a patient care representative who can answer your questions about home delivery prescriptions.
  4. You should only take your medication as prescribed
    It is important to take the prescribed drugs as instructed by your doctor. If your doctor says that you must take a medication every day, then you shouldn’t miss a dose. Changing your dosage can cause medical complications that could result in you incurring additional medical costs. If you have trouble taking your medication as prescribed, speak to your doctor who may be able to offer additional suggestions or recommendations.
  5. Avoid double medication or other unsafe interactions
    If you’re taking a variety of drugs, including non-prescription drugs and dietary supplements as well, maintaining a full checklist can be very helpful, particularly if you are taking different medicines prescribed by different doctors. Your physician should review your list at each visit to prevent duplication of therapy and dangerous drug interactions.

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